Land Surveying

The role of a land surveyor includes the measurement of properties sold or purchased. Surveyors locate buildings, roads and utilities, or measure the exact limits , and mark their locations on the maps collectively known as surveys.

The ENC HomeWorks Independent Surveyors provide experience along with detailed maps and reports by utilizing state-of-the-art field equipment and software. All survey contractors are able to Measure and record precise distances and angles on, above or below the land surface, including boundary points, topographical features and other designated markers. They will research historical maps, land records, previous survey results and land title information as needed to compare and verify current measurements and resolve questions of boundary lines.

As one can imagine, this is no small task, and requires a bit of time. Surveys are important and can help eliminate potential disputes. Be sure to schedule your survey appointment early and allow a minimum of one week for completion.

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