Sewer & Septic

One in five home have a septic system

However, it's surprising how many people don’t actually know what they are.

A septic system is a system set up to remove the waste from your house. The water and waste from the house go into the septic tank. Once in the septic tank, the waste settles to the bottom where the natural bacteria breaks it down. The liquid rises to the top and goes through an absorption area. The absorption area is a series of pipes that run from the septic tank to the drain field. A layer of gravel acts as a drain field that filters the water enters the soil. As the water goes through the gravel and soil, minerals found naturally in the ground filter it so that it is usable once it hits the groundwater.

How Often Should You Get a Septic Inspection?

According to most experts, you should get your septic tank Inspected at least every three to five years. The inspection usually lands around the time that you should also have a professional septic tank pumping service pump the tank. Pumping the septic tank is necessary to keep your septic tank healthy and in satisfactory working order. Despite what experts recommend, many homeowners wait much longer than five years to have their septic tank inspected. Many wait until something goes wrong to have the septic inspectors over. At that point, inspectors will often recommend you repair or replace your septic system, which can cost thousands of dollars.

We make the transaction simple and easy by providing prompt and detailed certified septic inspection reports by a North Carolina Certified Inspector independent Contractor. While the "home inspectors" can not perform the septic inspection and report unless they have been "certified" as a "septic inspector" by the state of North Carolina, our ENC HomeWorks scheduling coordinator will make every effort to schedule the septic inspection on the same day as the Home Inspection.  

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