Radon Testing

Radon gas can affect anyone. In fact, studies have shown it to be the leading cause of lung cancer amongst those who do not smoke. The radioactive gas is responsible for approximately 21,000 cancer-related deaths each year. Radon gas occurs during the decay of uranium. Uranium can be found in the ground everywhere globally. After breaking down into a gas, it can enter a property from the ground, making its way in via cracks or other openings.

Found in homes all over the United States, radon is colorless, odorless and tasteless. As radon gas breaks down, it releases radioactive particles that circulate in the air, which may lead to the development of lung cancer through prolonged inhalation. As the particles are inhaled, they can become trapped in your lungs and further breakdown releases bursts of radiation causing damage to lung tissue.

Radon gas can only be detected by conducting professional and thorough tests. Our ENC HomeWorks Independent Contractors are trained to find any traces of this harmful gas. Having an inspector check your home or property can help prevent becoming a victim of radon.

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