September 20, 2019

What does A Wood Destroying Inspect Report (WDIR) Cover?

We wanted to address a question that we recently had from one of our clients. The clients purchased a house and once they moved in they discovered they had some roaches in the house. The client contacted us and said, "hey guys, I had an inspection with you, a pest inspection, how is it that I have roaches"? We felt that we should clarify what a WDIR inspection is relating to the  purchase process of the home.  WDIR stands for Wood Destroying Insect Report. The inspectors that are trained and licensed to do these inspections, and will  go out to  see if there is any sign of Termites or Post Powder Beetles which actually can weaken the structure of the home. For this process the inspectors don't generally look for roaches and other pests, as they are not relevant in the process. The WDR is really just for the structural integrity of the home. So if you move from out-of-state, roaches or bugs often referred to as Water Bugs are very common to this area, and if you see them in your house, the best recommendation get on a quarterly cycle with a Pest Company to get your house sprayed every couple of months.

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