September 12, 2019

How Much Does A Home Inspection Cost?

Hey everyone. I'm Jessica from ENC Home Works. I am one of the Co-founders along with Marietta Monette.

One of the top questions that we get regarding home inspection, the cost, how much are they? Our prices, start, $255. And they're based, on square footage. We do not charge extra for a crawl space. We do not charge extra for travel fee. We don't charge extra for the age of the home. It's just primarily the square footage of the property. Another question that we get often times is, as a scheduling service, and the services that we offer to the client and the realtor, how do we get paid? And, the way that we get paid is through the vendor. So we have an agreement with the home inspector and they pay us, on a referral basis. So there is no extra fee to the client or to the realtor. Thanks for your time.

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